Briquette production

High quality wood briquette is an efficient fuel material and a modern and ecological way to heat buildings. For 25 years, Drekon has been involved in comprehensive woodworking and manufacturing of wooden components. And one of our specialities is the production of briquettes. Modern technology of briquette production, good raw material and specialised machines – briquetting presses – is a guarantee that we offer excellent fuel material and the highest production quality.

Briquette production – advantages

Briquette is a very attractive fuel material with a wide range of applications. That is why briquetting services are becoming more and more profitable for both buyers and companies specialising in the production of briquettes.

The parameters of the briquette are similar to those of another efficient fuel material – pellets. Why is biofuel heating so beneficial?

- The briquette maintains a high energy value – 1 ton of briquette corresponds to 4–6 m3 of firewood, so it burns longer and generates more heat. 
- The briquette has a low moisture content – not exceeding 10%.
- The briquette is much easier to store, because it takes up much less space than other heating fuels.

The production of briquettes is carried out on an increasingly large scale. It is a common type of heating fuel used in domestic fireplaces, but not only there. The use of briquettes is also profitable in stoves, fireplaces with water jacket and ordinary coal-fired boilers.

Briquette production – how it's made?

The briquette production may involve many different components – such as straw, sawdust, peat and other raw materials – which are regarded as waste in many companies. The type of raw material affects how effective the heating with the briquette will be. One of the most efficient is the sawdust briquette.

A briquette production line is equipped with specialised machines – briquetting presses – enabling fast production of briquettes from straw, sawdust and other raw materials. The briquetting technology used by briquetting presses allows for productive use of waste, turning it into heating fuel with a dense and compact structure.

Table 1 presents a simplified course of the briquette production process.

Fuel production – stages

Briquette production – process flow

Production of briquettes – required machines and equipment

1st stage of briquette production  

Waste grinding

Chippers, flail mills

2nd stage of briquette production

Hot air drying

Drum dryer

3rd stage of briquette production

Waste cleaning

Magnetic/pneumatic separator

4th stage of briquette production

Waste storage


5th stage of briquette production

Waste mixing

Buffer tank

6th stage of briquette production

High temperature and high pressure pressing

Briquetting press

Table 1. Production of heating briquettes – process flow

How to produce briquettes effectively?

Advanced technology of sawdust briquette production allows us to sell the highest quality sawdust briquette to individual customers looking for an economical alternative to firewood. A modern briquette production line and extensive production capabilities allow us to supply also small and medium companies and public institutions (schools, kindergartens) with fuel briquettes. 

High availability of raw material, resulting from the basic profile of our business, guarantees lower costs of briquette production, thanks to which we are able to offer our customers not only excellent quality, but also attractive prices of sawdust briquettes.

The production of briquettes in our company uses exclusively wood – primarily oak and beech hardwood sawdust. Professional briquetting presses use high pressure and temperature to transform wood processing waste into a full-fledged fuel material. Customer satisfaction is our priority, so the finished product we offer is a guarantee of savings and efficiency at an optimal level. Ecological sawdust briquette does not contain bark, glue or chemicals.

Our services are carried out both in the Małopolskie Voivodeship and throughout Poland. Please place orders directly to the sales department.

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