CNC milling

Drekon has been providing professional milling services for 25 years. We guarantee comprehensive execution of orders in the field of machining: CNC turning, CNC milling and grinding of elements used in wooden structures. Thanks to our modern CNC machine tools – milling machines, lathes, grinders and more – we offer the highest precision of workmanship and short time of delivery of ready components. Trust our experience – supported by modern technologies – which allows us to carry out orders for the most demanding customers.

We manufacture high quality products:

- components for furniture production
- table legs
- stairs
- window sills
- wooden railings (posts, balusters, handrails)
- other wooden elements

Our offer is addressed to both carpentry workshops and companies from the furniture and interior finishing industries. We also serve individual customers.

Milling - CNC machining

A modern machine park allows us to offer short delivery times. Our resources include specialised CNC machine tools that allow us to provide the highest quality of milling services. CNC machines are innovative computer-controlled devices. CNC machining ensures precise execution of every order, thanks to which the ordered wooden components acquire exactly the shape that was intended in the design.

We carry out orders using high-class raw material – oak, pine, beech and ash. Modern machine tools also allow us to efficiently perform even the most complex orders based on individual designs provided by the customer. On special request, we are able to execute customised orders for machining – CNC turning, milling and grinding.

What is CNC machining?

CNC machining is an innovative and even more effective way of giving the elements the desired shapes and dimensions. This method is most often associated with metalworking, but thanks to its effectiveness it is also used in the manufacture of wooden products. Machining enables the free shaping of wood by removing subsequent layers of raw material. CNC cutting is carried out automatically – by a specialised computer-controlled machine tool.

CNC milling is one of the types of modern machining – just like CNC turning and grinding, used also in metalworking. It is currently one of the most effective processes of giving wood elements precise dimensions and shapes on an industrial scale.

CNC machining method

Type of processing

How does it work


CNC milling

It is an effective way of shaping wood (also used in metalworking and processing of other materials), consisting in separating subsequent layers of raw material using a milling machine. The process uses a rotary movement (machine) and a feed movement (machine or the processed raw material).

CNC turning

It is one of the most commonly used machining methods. Turning allows us to manufacture elements shaped like a cylinder, cone or ball. It enables shaping both from the outside and the inside of the product.


Its purpose is to make holes. A drill is used to create holes with circular or polygonal cross-sections.


It is a method of woodworking that aims at levelling its surface.


A rotating grinding wheel guarantees a smooth surface with the desired shape.

Table 1. CNC machining

An important stage in machining is the design. CNC machining is a fully automated and computer-controlled process, but it requires appropriate data input. If you want to achieve the perfect shape of wooden products, a modern machine park equipped with functional and efficient CNC machine tools is not enough. A qualified personnel responsible for designing is also of great importance. Drekon is a company with 25 years of experience, whose advantage is not only advanced equipment, but, above all, qualified employees who, thanks to their knowledge, are able to precisely manufacture even the most complex wooden elements.

Highest precision and an experienced team of specialists. Advanced machining services: CNC turning, milling and grinding. Perfect shape and dimension of wooden structures. Contact us and ask for a quote. Our sales department will prepare an individual offer for you.

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