CNC turning

Customer satisfaction is our priority, which is why we offer precise and professional CNC turning, milling, grinding and other types of machining of wooden elements, carried out with the support of modern technologies. Our specialist machine park guarantees full consistency with the design and a precise and repeatable production process.
Our team consists of professionals with experience and appropriate qualifications. Drekon has been operating in the woodworking industry for 25 years, offering professional turning services. Turned elements are made of high quality raw material – solid oak, pine, ash and beech wood. We are also able to carry out individual orders using the material provided by our customers.

What is CNC turning?

CNC turning, CNC milling and other methods of machining using modern automatic processes guarantee the highest quality of components – with perfectly smooth surface and desired shape. 

CNC technology involves the use of computer-controlled numerical devices during machining. This modern solution gives very efficient results, so it is used both for machining wood and other construction materials – such as in metalworking. Our computer-aided and numerically controlled machine tools create a modern machine park allowing for faithful reproduction of details, as well as the production of many components in precise shapes.

Our offer

CNC technology allows to obtain turned parts with the highest precision in the shortest possible time. Thanks to its application we can offer our customers high quality components at attractive prices: 

- lamp elements
- wooden legs for tables and chairs
- flowerpots

We also manufacture wooden turned elements – balusters and posts – in many different designs, used in the finishing of railings for wooden stairs.

Our customers are mostly carpentry factories and companies from the furniture industry, but we never forget about the needs of our individual customers, offering them professional turning services.

We are aware of the fact that our turned elements often play an important decorative role, so they have to be consistent with the whole arrangement of the house or apartment. On special request, we are able to carry out orders (CNC milling, turning) tailored to the needs of our customers and adapted to the guidelines contained in the project. 

CNC machining – turning

CNC turning is one of the methods of machining. The CNC turning process involves putting the material into rotary motion, while the turning knife gives the workpiece the desired shape with a sliding motion. In the vast majority of cases, CNC turning is used when machining conical, cylindrical or similar “solids of revolution”. This process is carried out by using a lathe that enables modelling by means of CNC machining (turning), both on the internal and external part of the workpiece.

Types of turning

How does machining work?

Longitudinal turning

The direction of movement of the lathe knives remains parallel to the axis of rotation of the workpiece.

Transverse turning

The direction of movement of turning knives is perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the workpiece.

Copy turning

It is based on the shape taken from a template that is precisely reproduced on the workpiece undergoing the CNC turning process.

Contour turning

The shape of the workpiece subject to the CNC turning process is entirely dependent on the shape of turning knives.

Table 1. CNC machining – turning. Overview of selected types of turning

Drekon provides comprehensive services in the field of CNC machining – aimed at both small and medium-sized companies and individual customers. We offer professional advice at every stage of cooperation, as well as the best value for money. For orders and pricing, please contact our sales department.

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