Zipbolt connectors

Zipbolt is a reliable connection solution for stairs (posts, railings), countertops, beds, counters and other wooden products. Easy installation of the handrail – with the post placed at an angle or straight – and solid furniture connectors provide comfort during work and guarantee long-lasting results. 
Zipbolt – speed and precision
Zipbolt connectors are an efficient and versatile solution. They are used as:

- stair connectors (wooden railings, posts, handrails)
- countertop connectors
- furniture connectors
- bed connectors
- connectors for various wooden products 

Their great advantage is quick and easy assembly. Zipbolt is a modern solution that saves time and is fully comfortable to work with. What's more, these innovative connectors are reusable.

How to install a wooden railing?

The perfect assembly does not have to be complicated. Zipbolt is a renowned connector for wooden stairs. It is used for connecting the handrail with the post at an angle or straight, as well as for connecting two handrails together. It also perfectly merges the posts with the ground, guaranteeing a flawless installation. Our store offers various categories of connectors that enable comprehensive assembly of wooden stairs.

Connector categories


Zipbolt 11 550

Fixing wooden handrails at an angle

Zipbolt 13 600

Connecting the handrail with the post in a straight way; also used in beds, shop counters and other applications

Zipbolt 13 950

Connecting the handrail with the post; allows for connection to the post at an angle

Zipbolt 14 100

Fixing wooden railings and connecting the posts with the ground

Connector 13 900

Connecting the handrail with the post; allows for connection to the post at an angle

Connector 11.600

Connecting two sections of the handrail; used for beds and shop counters

Connector 13.801

Connecting the handrail with the post in a straight way

Connector 16.600

Connecting two handrails together – for small and narrow handrails

Connector 10.500

Used for counters

Connector 10.700

Used for counters

Connector 11.720

Connecting elements at various angles, e.g. railings, beds, counters

Table 1. Popular connector categories

Steel connections allow for permanent assembly of individual elements of wooden railings (poles, handrails).

To maintain the full aesthetics of wooden stairs, we also recommend end caps that completely mask the use of the connector from the outside. During installation, additional accessories for the stairs will also be required, such as bolts, screws and mounting kits.

Our full range of connectors can be found in the online store.

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